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Related article: Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 13:25:25 EDT From: Subject: After School Treat II After that first time with my gym teacher, Mr. Herrick, I couldn't wait for gym class. He wore tight red football shorts that and a form-fitting white t-shirt and I loved looking at his body when he didn't know I was looking, studying the smooth bulge in his shorts and the round firm mounds of his beautiful ass, imagining what it would be like to be with him again. That first time in the locker room was hot but I found myself wanting more. I started fantasizing about him when I masturbated - about going to his house and sleeping with him in his bed, holding our bodies close together, feeling his huge warm cock against my own as we kissed passionately. It was a teenage fantasy but it nonetheless it gave me comfort on many lonely nights. Mr. Herrick didn't treat me any differently in class which made me feel more comfortable. I was secretly embarrassed by our experience and I was relieved that it didn't change the way he acted toward me. I would have died if any of the other guys had ever found out about that day in the locker room. Occasionally in the locker room Mr. Herrick and I would exchange quick glances but all in all we kept a simple student- teacher relationship. I had a job after school so most days I wasn't able to check out the locker room to see if Mr. Herrick was waiting for me. For the first few weeks after our encounter whenever I was able to check it out he was either not there or was busy with some after school team. Every time I was disappointed. I Nonude Preteen Models wanted nothing more than to be with him again and it seemed that that was going to be impossible. After a while I had almost given up hope. Maybe this was just a one time thing for him. Maybe he didn't enjoy it. I found myself getting depressed whenever I though about it. After about a month I stopped going to the locker room after school all together. The longing had just become too painful. About two months after our encounter I had gotten very sick and had to miss about a week of school. When I got back I was excited to see Mr. Herrick again. That first day back after gym class he approached me and told me that I had missed the Physical Fitness Test and asked if I could come in one day after school to make it up. I was beside myself with joy. My cock hardened in my shorts as he talked to me. Sure. I would be glad to. We set up the test for after school one Wednesday since I didn't have to go to work. I was so excited all day that I could barely keep my cock down even during algebra class. By the time the last bell rang I couldn't get to the gym fast enough. When I arrived in the locker room, however, my heart sank. Four other guys were there with Mr. Herrick waiting to take the test as well. I had thought that he asked me to stay after so we could be together again. I didn't think he really wanted me to take the test. I got a hard lump in my throat and changed into my gym clothes so we could get started. My half hard cock had gotten limp almost instantly. I had never been so disappointed. We all went outside and did two running tests on the track. I was so pissed off by then I ran faster than I ever had before. Mr. Herrick tried to congratulate me but I brushed him off. I wanted him to know how hurt I was though I didn't imagine he cared. We all went inside exhausted and short of breath. Three of the guys stopped to talk to Mr. Herrick and then went into the locker room. Mr. Herrick came back to where Eric Jones and I were standing in the gym. He told us that the other guys were just there for the running tests but since we had missed all of the tests we would have to stay. He told us to wait for him for a few minutes and to do some stretches while he went into the locker room. Eric and I each took a mat and started doing some stretches. I really didn't know Eric that well but he wasn't a bad guy. He was a football jock who had missed the test when he was out checking out colleges. He was slim but well built and since he and I were not in the same gym class I had never noticed how hairy his legs were before. As he stretched on his mat I checked out his nice firm body. He had obviously done these stretching exercises before. He pulled and contorted his agile body into several interesting positions. When he wasn't looking I found myself checking out his body and the outline of his cock through his yellow gym shorts. I couldn't be sure but I was pretty certain he wasn't wearing any underwear. I found myself getting hard and had to stop looking at him. I turned my back to him and started doing my own half-assed stretches. By the time Mr. Herrick got back I was more relaxed. The first test was going to be pull-ups. I hated pull ups. I was never able to do more than one or two in my whole life. At any rate, I knew it wasn't going to last long. We got over to the pull up bar and Eric went first. Mr. Herrick stood behind him and put his hands on Eric's hips. "Let me know when you're ready," he said to Eric. Eric waited for a few seconds. "Ready," he said. Mr. Herrick let go of Eric's hips and Eric started pulling himself up and down on the bar. Mr. Herrick stood behind him and looked over at me. I wasn't sure whether to look back at him or to look at the outline of Eric's cock in his shorts. I tried to do both. Mr. Herrick looked at my cock while I checked out Eric's. I felt my cock getting hard underneath my shorts. Mr. Herrick brushed his hand across his crotch and my cock sprang up in my underwear. While Eric was pulling himself up with his eyes closed I had to reach into my shorts and fix my cock so it wouldn't be so obvious. As Eric let go of the bar and dropped to the floor Mr. Herrick smiled at me and motioned for me to come over. I looked down at my crotch to see how obvious my bulge was. It was bigger than it should have been but at least it wasn't sticking straight out. I jumped up to the bar and Mr. Herrick grabbed my hips. The force of the jump had jarred my cock loose and I could feel it laying against my leg. I tried to look Nonude Preteen Models down at it but couldn't. "Ready", I said and Mr. Herrick let go of my hips. I wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. The though of hanging there in front of Eric with my hard cock visible through my shorts was embarrassing to me. I pulled myself up and down two times and let go. Trying not to make eye contact, I rushed behind Eric and quickly re-adjusted my cock in my shorts. I wasn't sure what he had seen and I didn't want to know. I just wanted to go home. The next and last test was sit-ups. We had to see how many we could do in two minutes. I knew I could ace that test. Since Eric had gone first on the pull ups he was the first to go for sit ups. Mr. Herrick had me hold Eric's feet while he watched the stop watch and counted. Eric layed on the mat and got himself into a comfortable position. As he layed down and bent his legs the bottoms of his shorts pulled down a little and I was able to confirm that he was not wearing any underwear. The thick black hair on his legs trailed up to his crotch and from my position I could see his balls and his pubic hair. Mr. Herrick started the stop watch and yelled "Go." Eric pulled his body up and down rapidly. I watched his crotch as each time he pulled up his shorts pulled down a little more. The jostling of his body had caused his cock to fall down against one leg and I watched it lay there as my own cock got hard again in my shorts. As he pulled himself up and down on the mat the friction of his cock against his leg made his own cock get harder and soon the head of his half-hard cock was poking through the leg of his shorts. He got harder and harder until finally half of his cock was sticking through the hole. When Mr. Herrick said it was time to stop Eric layed on the mat and spread his legs apart a little more. His shiny cock head teased me for a moment until finally Eric pulled his shorts down to cover it. As I took my position on the mat I tried as hard as I could to hide my own erection. It wasn't easy. By now my cock had a mind of it's own and I didn't really care. If Eric had gotten hard I shouldn't be embarrassed if I did. I layed on the mat and lifted my legs. I could feel the air run up my shorts and my cock jumped in my underwear. Eric grabbed my ankles and Mr. Herrick yelled "Go." Spurred on by my excitement I did ten more sit- ups than Eric in my two minutes. When I finally stood up I realized that my cock wasn't hard anymore. I must have put all of my energy into the sit-ups. I was grateful for that. Exhausted, we made our way back to the locker room. It was so liberating to know that Eric had gotten hard that I didn't even get self conscious about the possibility of getting hard in the shower. When we got back, Mr. Herrick told us that we could use the shower in his office since it wasn't worth waiting for the water to heat up for the row of showers in the main locker room. We undressed at our lockers and both made our way to the office with our towels around our waists. I couldn't wait to see Eric naked and when we got to the office I noticed that Mr. Herrick had himself stripped down to his underwear. I could barely keep my cock down. Mr. Herrick told us to go ahead and get our showers since there were only two shower heads in his shower. We took off our towels and walked inside. It was a little dark in there, the only light coming from the office itself but I could still see Eric's beautiful naked body and his still half hard cock slapping against his leg as he walked. His chest was hairy and a line of thick hair ran from his belly button to his thick black bush. As the water ran down his body I was mesmerized by his beauty. He ran the soap against his chest and then down his legs. He lathered up the soap in his hands and rubbed it on his face. He was getting me so hot. As I looked at his body a shadow fell across the small shower room. I looked toward the door and saw Mr. Herrick standing naked in the doorway looking at the both of us. As he stood there I ran the bar of soap over my cock and it sprang to life. I didn't care what Eric thought at that point. I was so thrilled to be back in that locker room with Mr. Herrick that I lost all sense of composure. I let the soap run over my cock and underneath my balls. I put my head underneath the streaming shower and let it run down my body. When I came up for air I looked over at Eric. His cock was lathered and half hard. He looked over at Mr. Herrick and studied his crotch. He continued to work the soapy lather onto his cock until his cock was sticking straight out pointing toward me. By now my own cock was hard and I ran a soapy finger underneath my balls to my asshole. I fingered my hole while I looked at Eric. Nonude Preteen Models He looked back at me and pulled on his soapy cock. Mr. Herrick regarded the both of us in silence for a while. When he finally spoke his voice send a shudder down my spine. "Can I share with one of you guys?" he asked and both of us moved over to make room for him. Nonude Preteen Models He walked over to Eric's shower head and the water rushed over his body. He was still soft but I could tell from before that he was starting to get hard. Eric stood next to him absent mindedly stroking his own cock. I watched as the two of them got closer and closer to each other until finally Eric's hard cock was touching Nonude Preteen Models Mr. Herrick's balls. I ran my soapy hand over my own cock as Eric took Mr. Herrick's cock in his hand and rubbed the soap from his cock onto his teacher's. Mr. Herrick's cock sprang to life and he moaned with pleasure. Eric rubbed their cocks together as I watched. As their bodies rinsed clean of the soap I watched as they moved closer still and pulled their bodies together. Eric's cock pressed against Mr. Herrick's hard stomach as Mr. Herrick licked the running water from Eric's neck. By now my cock was so hard I though I could cum at any second but I wanted to hold off. I never wanted this to end. I walked over to where the two of them stood in their embrace and got down on my knees. Mr. Herrick pulled himself away from Eric's body and their hard cocks stood straight out before me. I wasn't sure which one to taste first. I had loved the way Mr. Herrick's had tasted but I wanted so badly to know what Eric's tasted like. I licked at both of their cock heads as they stood facing each other. I looked up and saw Mr. Herrick sucking on Eric's tongue. I continued to lick at their cocks, slowly taking each one, one at a time, in my mouth alternating between both of their delicious cocks. During one of Eric's turns I felt him pumping his cock into my mouth. Slowly pushing and pulling his 7" cock deeper and deeper in my mouth. It felt so good to have him thrust his cock in my mouth I didn't want to stop. As I sucked on his cock I felt Mr. Herrick go behind. I felt his hands rub the water Nonude Preteen Models from the shower on my ass. I wasn't sure what he was doing but it felt so good. As Eric continued to fuck my face I felt Mr. Herrick rub a soapy lather on my ass and slowly around my asshole. It felt so good I started to moan. The vibration from my voice made Eric moan in response. Before I knew what had happened I felt Mr. Herrick's cock circling my asshole and slowly making it's way inside. Eric thrust his cock deep into my mouth and I felt the head of his cock touch the back of my throat as Mr. Herrick's cock pushed deep inside me. The water from the shower washed over us as I sucked Eric and my teacher fucked me. Every time Mr. Herrick pushed his cock inside me I felt as though I was going to cum. It was a strange but wonderful feeling and it almost distracted me from Eric's beautiful cock. Soon, however, Eric let out a moan and I felt a load of his cum running down my throat. I kept my mouth around his cock not wanting to let any of the cum escape, remembering the taste of Mr. Herrick's cum and how much I enjoyed it. He continued to thrust his cock in my mouth, pouring load after load of cum down my throat and I swallowed every drop. Finally, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and I turned my attention once again to my teacher fucking my ass. The thrill of tasting Eric's cum and the feeling of Mr. Herrick's cock inside me took me past the point of no return. Mr. Herrick pumped me faster and faster until finally my balls could not hold it any more. I felt my own cum splash against my hand as Mr. Herrick moaned while the contracting muscles of my asshole pulled on his cock. "I'm cummng inside you!" he yelled and I moaned my response. He continued to pump his cum in my hole for a few moments more until finally we were too exhausted to do anything more. Quietly, we each rinsed off and went to our respective lockers to get dressed. I think we were all a little embarrassed by what had just happened and nobody wanted to say anything. Eric, especially seemed to be embarrassed as he pulled on his jeans (again without underwear) and I could tell he was already getting hard again. He caught me looking at him and he looked away. My own cock was growing again and I wanted him to see it. I stood there naked knowing that he couldn't keep his eyes off of me for long. Soon, I once again felt his gaze on my body and I stood there for a moment then finished getting dressed. I could tell by the look on his face that this was his first time with a man. But I was determined that it would not be his last.
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